Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Exquisite detail on antique hardware
One of my favorite pieces...an antique street lamp.  Coincidentally, my former boss at Bergdorf Goodman was stopping by later in the afternoon to look at it for possible use in the windows!
A wide variety of gorgeous hardware

A collection of industrial lighting
An original mantle from the historic Plaza Hotel in New York City that was retrieved during the hotel's renovation in 2008

I'm always drawn to vintage photography.  There are so many stories told by these images through location, fashion and expression and I often wonder what each individuals story is...
A gorgeous light from a church

One of my favorite places to visit in NYC is Olde Good Things.  It's a place I frequent to admire the gorgeous and eclectic pieces and to seek inspiration.  For over 15 years, this institution has been acquiring antique and architectural artifacts from many late nineteenth century and pre-depression buildings and making them available to clientele including decorators, set designers, window display artists, other antique dealers and the general public.  There are currently nine locations brimming with beautiful pieces, an extensive lighting collection and antique hardware beyond your wildest dreams.  

Not only does Olde Good Things house some of the most interesting antiques in the world, but it also helps serve others overseas with 1/3 of its profits(pretty amazing!).  Since 1977, they have directly supported two orphanages in Haiti.  Next time you're in New York City or Los Angeles, make sure to visit this store to purchase some truly spectacular pieces and help support a great cause!
Special thanks to Lauren and Joy for graciously letting me explore and photograph the location in Chelsea!
Photos by Stacy Suvino


  1. wow!! those pieces are so precious!! and i just adore all the photos!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. I don't know how these things add a luxury points on anyone’s home if you have one instated... For some reason old is the new trend nowadays or vintage is what I'm trying to say... One thing for sure they never go out of style...



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