Thursday, August 29, 2013


Standing in front of the most iconic building downtown, the Triangle Building

A glimpse of the courthouse
{Dress}Vintage, {Handbag}Marc Jacobs, {Heels}Ann Taylor, {Eye Wear}Ray Ban

I discovered the town of Pawhuska earlier this summer and have been spending a lot of time there these past few months.  The downtown area is incredibly charming and transports me to another time.  There is so much history and beautiful architecture to behold.  It's to no surprise the film industry has taken notice of this quaint little town.  You may recognize it from the film "To the Wonder" and the upcoming "August Osage County".  My favorite buildings there are the Triangle Building and the Courthouse, which I found out were both in danger of being torn down at one point.  I'm so glad they weren't...they are such treasures!

As for my dress, it's one of my favorite vintage finds! It was in the local vintage shop window for about a month and I kept driving by and thinking about it.  It was originally a 1970's long formal but I kept thinking what a great little cocktail dress it would make.  I finally decided to buy it and have been smitten ever since.  Besides the playful print, I just adore the ruffled collar!

Photography by Jamie Alsabrook
Location: Pawhuska, OK   

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


{Photography}Melissa Green, {Production Design}Stacy Suvino and Rachel Everett, {Styling}Stacy Suvino, {Make Up}Jordan Best, {Hair}Tony Li, {Production Design Assistants}Mary Grace Livingston-Gainey and Jamie Alsabrook}, {Photography Assistant}Kourtni Reynolds, {Wardrobe}Courtesy of Rope and Miss Jackson's

A few weeks ago I collaborated with Darling Magazine for a shoot for the summer issue.  The idea was to create a setting that would depict the idea of celebrating friends on days outside of their birthday...a love party if you will.

Image via Darling Magazine
Article by Lauren Tien

Friday, August 16, 2013


I adore this look!

With summer winding down, I am already in fall mode and this editorial in the August issue of Elle has heightened my anticipation of cooler temps and layers.  From luxe velvet gowns by Marc Jacobs, to belted gabardine coats by Calvin Klein, to sweet scallops by Valentino and dreamy wool skirts by Tsumori Chisato, fall is looking pretty spectacular.  The styling of the editorial is impeccable and the set design with a neutral palette and hints of blue and red is perfection in supporting the overall nautical look.  I couldn't help but notice a whimsical nod to Olive Oyl throughout the series as well... 

Images via Elle Magazine
Photography by Mariano Vivanco
Styling by Beth Fenton

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Vintage lucite and wicker cuff I found in Mobile, Alabama

{Shirt}Asos, {Leather Skirt}via Grey Dog Vintage, {Shoes}Zara, {Bracelet}via Cotton City Antiques,
{Eye Wear}Urban Outfitters

On a recent day trip, I visited the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in Pawhuska and experienced one of the most inspiring days of my life.  It is truly a place of wonder with beautiful tall grass that seems to dance in the wind, colorful wildflowers as far as the eye can see and if you are lucky, a view of Bison.  I’m regretful to say I’ve lived here in Oklahoma for three years now and this was my first pilgrimage to the prairie.
Several local friends had told me about the tall grass prairie but I became enamored with it when I saw Terrence Malick’s “To the Wonder”.   The images of the prairie splashed upon the movie screen were so beautiful and moving I knew I had to make it there soon.  So, my friend, and local photographer, Jamie Alsabrook and I headed out there on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  When we arrived to the prairie we were in complete awe of the beauty of the land.  We continued to make our way further in when we came over the hill and to our amazement there were a group of several hundred Bison roaming about.  Because it was the end of spring, we were able to see baby bison frolicking through the fields.  It was truly one of the most memorable experiences I’ve been fortunate to have.  To see God’s beauty and watch bison in their natural habitat of freedom and innocence was incredibly moving.  We spent a couple of hours just watching them play, rest and then migrate as the sun began to set.  As we drove back, I reflected on the afternoon and just how meaningful it was to me.  Sometimes if we pay attention, there’s beauty to behold even in our backyard.

Photography by Jamie Alsabrook
Location: Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in Pawhuska, OK

Friday, August 9, 2013


 I love that she is sitting in a sea of empty chairs and repetition

A close-up of Jordan's amazing work

 {Photography}Nathan Presley, {Art Direction}Stacy Suvino and Rachel Everett, {Styling}Shannon Schroeder, {Make Up}Jordan Best, {Producer}Sarah Chorley, {Model}Regan Robertson, {Location}Big Splash Water Park

One of my favorite shoots to date is the one that was photographed for Miss Jackson's spring ad campaign.  I was driving through town and passed by Big Splash Water Park and was immediately intrigued by the idea of using it as the location for the shoot. Something about the lack of water, leaving only the structure of the pool and the desolate surroundings was very beautiful to me.  Most of the fashion that was featured had a very 1960's feel and to accentuate that, we used Twiggy as the inspiration for make up. Throughout the day, we fought freezing temperatures and unrelenting winds...but the end result was worth it!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


 I've had this dress going on four years now but it still remains one of my favorites! It has a very vintage feel to it which I love!

{Dress}Zac Posen for Target, {Handbag}Marc Jacobs, {Eye Wear}Vintage
One of the things I love about living here in Tulsa are the unexpected beautiful discoveries.  I experienced them all the time in New York City and have been pleasantly surprised to experience the same here.  I took a different route home several weeks ago and stumbled upon this adorable house that was screaming for a photo shoot.  From the color scheme, door symmetry and a perfectly manicured lawn...I fell in love.  
Photos by Jamie Alsabrook
Special thanks to Michael O'Shea for graciously lending your home!
Chair courtesy of Bix Antiques

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