Friday, August 9, 2013


 I love that she is sitting in a sea of empty chairs and repetition

A close-up of Jordan's amazing work

 {Photography}Nathan Presley, {Art Direction}Stacy Suvino and Rachel Everett, {Styling}Shannon Schroeder, {Make Up}Jordan Best, {Producer}Sarah Chorley, {Model}Regan Robertson, {Location}Big Splash Water Park

One of my favorite shoots to date is the one that was photographed for Miss Jackson's spring ad campaign.  I was driving through town and passed by Big Splash Water Park and was immediately intrigued by the idea of using it as the location for the shoot. Something about the lack of water, leaving only the structure of the pool and the desolate surroundings was very beautiful to me.  Most of the fashion that was featured had a very 1960's feel and to accentuate that, we used Twiggy as the inspiration for make up. Throughout the day, we fought freezing temperatures and unrelenting winds...but the end result was worth it!

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