Friday, December 27, 2013


Valentine's Day
April Fool's Day
Fourth of July
Arbor Day

Every holiday season, David Hoey and his team put on the most spectacular show in windows in New York City.  For every passerby on Fifth Avenue, it is a feast for the eyes and the experience of theater behind the glass.  While the windows display immense beauty and extravagance beyond your wildest imagination, it's greatest gift is that of a conjuring of childlike wonder within all of us.  This year's windows continue these traditions with "Holidays on Ice", featuring various holidays cast in a frozen landscape.  While it has been five years since I worked on the windows team at Bergdorf Goodman, I continue to apply the wealth of knowledge David and his team bestowed upon me in my current creative endeavors. 

Behind the magic of a great window team there must be a photographer who captures the vision and gives it to all.  And that person is the talented Ricky Zehavi who has the succinct ability of revealing the artistry and detail of each installation.  Working as a photographer in New York City for 25 years, Ricky has accrued an impressive client list and her work for Bergdorf Goodman is featured in "Windows at Bergdorf Goodman".  You may view more of her work at and more about the photographer here.

Per the photographer's request, please refrain from copying these images

Photos by Ricky Zehavi

Thursday, December 19, 2013


{Skirt}Girls from Savoy via Anthropologie, {Faux Stingray Booties}Elizabeth and James via Bergdorf Goodman, {Handbag}Marc Jacobs, {Jewel Collar}Forever 21, {Eye Wear}Asos

Beginning at a young age, I developed a deep love for architecture and all of her components.  I can remember being a student in elementary school with doodles of buildings filling my notebook pages.  My parents recognized my strong interest in this craft and began furthering and nurturing my education through books and a heavy supply of drawing paper and making sure I was always fully stocked with a vast supply of drawing pencils.

Fast forward a few years later and while my path has diverted from becoming an architect it hasn't strayed too far.  In many of the windows I have designed and editorials I've layed out, symmetry is often displayed as well as the use of construction.  The influence of architecture is prominent even in my selection of both garments and accessories.  I gravitate towards pieces that feature strong silhouettes, linear lines and interesting construction.

Photos by Jamie Alsabrook

Friday, December 13, 2013


The designer in her beautiful office. Not only is Yoana a gifted designer but she has a wonderful philanthropic spirit (more on this later).

Daytona Grid Frock in Neon Mango
Floating Iris Embroidered Halter in Storm Blue.  This dress features Yoana's beautiful signature embroidery.
Beauty in the details
Heaven's Gate Party Dress in Crystal White{my personal favorite in the collection}. This dress features Edwardian cording embroidery over lace and cotton netting.
Silver Magnolia Party Dress in Sky

Daytona Racer Jacket and Daytona Racer Shorts
Ombre Tennis Stripe Column Dress in Black/White
Saint Tropez Denim Short in Indigo
An inspiration and fabric mood board

The color range in fabric varies from iridescent pastels and opalescent brights to black and white
A wall of inspiration in Yoana's office

Throughout the studio there was an immense level of beauty and inspiration.  From the garments, to the mood boards and team members I saw a unique blend of artistry and workmanship.

On my last visit to NYC, I had the privilege of visiting the studio of Yoana Baraschi, one of my favorite designers.  I was first introduced to her line a couple of years ago at Miss Jackson's and have been smitten ever since.  Each season, her collections are comprised of beautiful fabrics and silhouettes, architectural pieces, interesting patterns and dresses ready to attend a party.  This season the concept behind Yoana's collection is Illuminated Web which she describes as an energetic grid of light which is the blue print of each design that comes to life.  Her Spring 2014 collection is every girls fantasy full of sherbet colored frocks, unexpected print mixes and architectural pieces in black and white.  This is a collection that will suit the classic minded to the trend setters!

To view and purchase from her current collection visit

Photography by Stacy Suvino

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A few weeks ago I worked with Gary Black and a team of talented artists to create the Winter look book for Black Optical.  The concept behind the shoot was a depiction of modern renaissance.  We wanted to create an environment reminiscent of renaissance paintings and still life's with both modern and vintage eye wear.  I collected props from various sources here in Oklahoma including Dale Gillman Antiques and Bix Antiques(both have an amazing collection of curiosities on hand at their shops). 

Photography by Darshan Phillips
Set Decorating/Stylist for Emily W. by Stacy Suvino
Stylist for Jordan Eastin/Hair by Tony Li
Wardrobe courtesy of Rope, Express and Stacy Suvino
Video by Cody Jensen

Thursday, December 5, 2013


These boots have been on heavy rotation all season!
{Vintage Shirt}via Cheap Thrills, {Skirt}Asos, {Shoes}Topshop, old but similar here {Eye Wear}Asos, old but similar here

Photography by Jamie Alsabrook
Location: The Tavern

Special thanks to Lindsey and the rest of the team for graciously sharing their space for this shoot. If you live in the Tulsa area or have plans to visit, make sure to stop by this charming place....the amazing food and atmosphere are well worth it!

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