Thursday, October 31, 2013


{Dress}Clover Canyon, {Eye Wear}Ellery via Black Optical, {Shoes}Ann Taylor

One of my favorite months of the year is September.  As summer begins to fade, the beauty of fall begins with leaves turning to brilliant color and a refreshing chill spikes the air.  It is also when football season begins, pumpkin desserts are readily available{my fave, pumpkin cookies} and the Tulsa State Fair brings it's annual two weeks of fun to town.  This year I spent my time at the fair with great friends riding rides{hello Himalaya!}, getting my usual fried cheese on a stick and making great memories!

Photos by Jamie Alsabrook
Production Assistant: Tony Li

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I am so excited to finally share with you the mini-documentary on myself and Rachel Everett that came out last week from OkieMama Magazine.  Several months ago, we were documented during a window installation at Miss Jackson's and interviewed on our craft.  I am so honored to be recognized for our work by this lovely magazine! Be sure to read the editorial piece on Miss Jackson's here and the magazine in its entirety here.  If you aren't familiar with this magazine, I highly recommend  it as it is full of beautiful images, thought provoking articles and great content from cover to cover!

Thank you to Aimee Adams and her wonderful team for the lovely video and editorial piece!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I found this statement anchor necklace at the NYC Garage Flea Market...I have already worn it a lot!
{Crop Top}American Apparel, {Skirt}Asos, {Vintage Necklace}New York City Flea Market, {Oxfords}Steve Madden, {Vintage Coat}Shareen Vintage, LA, {Handbag}Saint Laurent, {Eye Wear}Asos

When we decided to have a shoot during the Gateway Balloon event in Claremore, Ok, we came up with a lot of great ideas.  Unfortunately, the event was unpredictable and threw our timing and schedule off...but sometimes greatness comes from that! As we were driving to a hilltop we had scouted to get a few background photos, a balloon landed in a field right next to us.  Talk about a lucky accident! The evening ended with a beautiful view of the balloon was truly breath taking!

Photos by Jamie Alsabrook
Production Assistant-Tony Li 

Special thanks to the Garrett family for graciously lending their land to us and for the hospitality!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Lola SS14 "Pineapple Cap" {my personal favorite!}
Lola creating pom poms in the studio
Left to Right//Sweetheart Cocktail Hat and Mouse Ears from the personal archive
A view of the beautiful studio

SS13 "Horchata" {in progress, not finished}
Lola SS14 "Soap Bubble"

John SS12 "Graffiti News"
Left to Right//John SS14 "Front Door Two" and "Plasterboard"

Personal Archives

Lola FW13 'Pieced Brioche"
Lola FW13 "Pieced Brioche" made of recycled felts
Lola hats on display on beautiful, sculptural hat trees

Left to Right//Lola FW13 "Ricochet", Lola FW13 "School Ring"{top} and Lola FW13 "Upholstered"{bottom}
Lola SS14 "Willy Nilly"
Lola FW13 "Catty'

The SS14 collection is inspired by laundry. One of the things I found most interesting about Lola and her creative process is it's very organic.  She doesn't start with a singular theme for a collection, rather she creates pieces first and then develops a concept based on what she creates.

Left to Right//Lola SS14 "Flip a Coin", "Matrix", "Sunroom", and "Flip a Coin"

John SS12 'Broadsheet"

Each Lola hat is adorned with a lovely label

A few of the pieces featured in various fashion publications

I few weeks ago while I was in NYC for NYFW, I had the pleasure of visiting the Lola Hats/John studio in Bushwick. I have been an admirer of Lola's creations for several years and was elated to not only see her creative space but to meet her as well.  What started in 1989 as a small storefront has now progressed to a beautiful studio space overlooking the Manhattan skyline.  You may recognize her work as it has been featured in fashion publications such as Vogue, W, Elle, The New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire, to name a a few, and boasts an impressive client list which includes Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Phillip Lim and Tommy Hilfiger among others.  What I love about her designs is the beautiful craftsmenship and cool factor each piece radiates.  You can view more of Lola's pieces here!

Special thanks to Lola and Liz for graciously letting me visit the lovely studio

Photos by Stacy Suvino

Thursday, October 3, 2013


One of the things I look forward to most when a new fashion season begins is the arrival of new ad campaigns.  Every season I have my favorite, and this time around that favorite is the genius work for the Fall/Winter 2013 campaign by Toilet Paper magazine founders Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaulo Ferrari.   This seasons collection features quirky prints(the eye print is my favorite) and modern silhouettes and the ads capture the playfulness and eccentricity so perfectly! 

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