Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I am so excited to finally share with you the mini-documentary on myself and Rachel Everett that came out last week from OkieMama Magazine.  Several months ago, we were documented during a window installation at Miss Jackson's and interviewed on our craft.  I am so honored to be recognized for our work by this lovely magazine! Be sure to read the editorial piece on Miss Jackson's here and the magazine in its entirety here.  If you aren't familiar with this magazine, I highly recommend  it as it is full of beautiful images, thought provoking articles and great content from cover to cover!

Thank you to Aimee Adams and her wonderful team for the lovely video and editorial piece!


  1. Great video! I had no idea the time that went behind the window styling. You both are a great team. And so nice to see Mary-Grace get a little shout-out at the end. Love her :)



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