Monday, June 1, 2015


 Photo courtesy of Kat Harris

I can remember the first time I set foot in a vintage store in NYC.  I was in college and I popped into a cute store near campus on 25th street.  I was completely enamored and instantly fell in love with the assortment of interesting patterns, silhouettes and individuality of the pieces before me.  I particularly acquired an appreciation of vintage costume jewelry.  Every weekend I would peruse the booths at the Chelsea Flea Market to locate an amazing treasure.  I was hooked.  

Just about every day I am asked where I purchased a piece or where my favorite go to vintage shops in the city are so I decided to share them with you.  Happy hunting!

NEW YORK VINTAGE{117 W. 25th Street}I became familiar with this jewel of a store while I worked in the windows at Bergdorf Goodman.  From time to time, we would incorporate various garments and/or accessories into the displays.  This shop houses some of the most well curated pieces from an assortment of decades.  Upstairs is a vintage collectors dream.  Mugler, Halston, Lanvin...they amongst many others reside here to be utilized for editorials, stylists and displays.  They also house some of the most interesting pieces of jewelry and millinery.  Chances are you've seen some of these in your favorite fashion magazine or on a celeb.  Website link here.

EDITH MACHINIST{104 Rivington St.}Hands down this is my go to favorite for accessories.  They have one of the most well edited selections of boots and handbags I've ever seen.  The added bonus is that everything is in mint condition.  There is also a great selection in clothing as well as a small men's accessory section.  Website link here.

LOCAL CLOTHING{328 E. 9th St.}This shop is a lot of fun.  It's quaint and isn't overwhelming.  The selection skews towards the 70's and 80's and offers cool prints, the perfect ankle boots and handbags to name a few.  Website link here.

STELLA DALLAS{218 Thompson St.}I have found some really amazing pieces here.  I always see a party dress or boot I love on every visit.  A lot of what hangs on the racks is from the 40's and 50's but there is a nice mix of other decades as well, particularly in the fantastic selection of boots.  

10 FT. SINGLE BY STELLA DALLAS{285 N. 6th Street}Prepare to have your blown by this shop.  This location requires an afternoon to experience everything it has to offer.  Racks and racks of goodness at every turn.  Need a great romper? They've got it.  How about a cool suede fringe jacket? They've got that too.  Some of the items for sale here can be a bit pricey but most of what they have won't break the bank.  

CHELSEA FLEA MARKET{W. 25TH STREET BETWEEN 6TH AND BROADWAY}While the flea market at the garage that I used to frequent is no more, some of the vendors have now migrated to this outdoor location down the street.  I have scored some of my favorite pieces here.  There is never a shortage of great 1960's costume jewelry here.  Last year I acquired an over sized metal bird necklace that has continued to be my favorite.  If jewelry isn't really your thing there's plenty more treasures to peruse in the form of clothing, antiques and other collectibles.  See something you like? Better grab it as soon as you see it as things are bought quickly.  I'm still regretful to this day of an over sized tassel necklace that I came back by to get and discovered it had been sold already.  Website link here.

HELLS KITCHEN FLEA MARKET{W. 39th St. and 9th Ave.}The selection here is pretty impressive.  Lots of costume jewelry, clothing and antiques.  There is even a guy who has leather jackets in an array of colors that he makes and sells for under $100. Website link here.

BROOKLYN FLEA MARKET{50 Kent Ave.}This is the flea market of all flea markets in New York.  Some would even say it's a magical experience.  Here you will find great art, furniture, clothing, jewelry and lots of collectibles.  If you need a break from the shopping, there are amazing food trucks on the premises so you can refuel.  I once purchased a pair of frames Vanity Fair spy prints for $50 here which is a steal! Website link here.

SHAREEN VINTAGE{13 W. 17th St.}I was first introduced to this shop in LA but was excited when a location arrived in NYC.  No boys are allowed here so grab a few girlfriends and shop way(look for a red dress hanging from the fire escape).  Each week the shop receives a mix of garments ranging from the 50's-90's and even better than that are the prices.  The average price is $38!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


{Dress}Yoana Baraschi(c/o), {Shoes}Shoemint, {Earrings}Asos

This past fall I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful and inspiring showroom of Yoana Baraschi.  Her collections are full of amazing fabrics, architectural silhouettes and exquisite color.  When I first laid eyes on this white confection I fell in love with it and it has been on repeat this spring and summer. 

Photography by Jamie Alsabrook

Location: Gilcrease Museum

Friday, May 16, 2014


Photos by Trever Hoehne, Styling by Haley Roemen, Hair and Make-Up by Francesca Giaimo, Props by Stacy Suvino

It is always so much fun and so inspiring to collaborate with Darling Magazine.  This time around I painted a standard bullhorn with a colorful palette of stripes.  It's amazing what a little color can do to enhance something!  Happy Friday and may it be a day of unexpected adventure!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


There is something truly beautiful about discovering a place that has been left behind.  Though they are no longer inhabited, the foundation, history and architecture remains with a story to tell.

{Skirt}Asos, {Crop Top}Forever 21, {Shoes}Isabel Toledo for Payless(so amazing right!), {Vintage Necklace}New York City Garage Flea Market, {Telephone Cord Clutch}Incogneeto

Photos by Jamie Alsabrook

Thursday, March 27, 2014


{ABOVE} An amazing composite photo of me in various stages of styling! Photo by Jeremy Charles.  Wearing a vintage sequin top from Cheap Thrills Vintage.
{ABOVE} I wanted to bring in layers that evoked richness, depth and glamour.

{ABOVE} After a couple hours, these taper candles began to accumulate layers of dripped wax to create a rather Gothic look.
{ABOVE} In order to continue the rich and romantic look of the set, I brought in beautiful roses and hydrangea, all in white.  The flower arrangements were created by a talented floral designer at Talmadge Powell Creative.

{ABOVE} The creative team that made it all happen.

Props courtesy of Tulsa Violin Shop, Dale Gillman Antiques, I-44 Antique Mall, Miss Jackson's, River City Antiques and The Antiquary.

Location: Fly Loft

Special thanks to the Tulsa Symphony and Todd Cunningham

Thursday, February 27, 2014


{Dress}Leifsdottir via Anthropologie, {Shoes}Ann Taylor, {Rings}Catbird

"If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him". -John F. Kennedy

Photos by Jamie Alsabrook

Special thanks to Bryce and Sunshine Hill and the rest of the team at Tulsa Little Theater!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


{Skirt and Top}via Cheap Thrills Vintage, {Heels}Ann Taylor, {Eye Wear}Thom Browne via Black Optical

As a set decorator, I am on a continuous journey to discover things that both inspire and move me.  As I have shared before, the Tall Grass Prairie in Pawhuska, Oklahoma is a place I return to time and time again.  I have now been there to behold the beauty of each season and I have come to the conclusion that the winter season is my favorite there.  With fields of gold that welcome the warmth of the sun and seem to dance in the wind it is a truly spectacular sight to behold.  Perhaps it is enhanced by winter's light and austerity.  It is a place where I feel a spiritual connection, experience inner peace and I leave with a renewed spirit.
On this day, the visual masterpiece of  the film "Days of Heaven" is re-imagined.  So come along on this magical, cinematic and poetic journey.

Photos by Jamie Alsabrook
Set Decorating by Stacy Suvino
Props courtesy of Bix Antiques

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